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Global Applied Disability Research and Information
Network on Employment and Training

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Welcome to GLADNET

The Global Applied Disability Research and Information Network (GLADNET) brings together research centers, universities, enterprises, government departments, trade unions, and organizations of and for persons with disabilities. Our common goal is to advance competitive employment and training opportunities for persons with disabilities.

GLADNET's objective is to promote disability policy and program reform with emphasis on integrated training and employment options for working age persons with disabilities. These objectives are achieved through collaborative applied research projects, and by the global exchange of information via the Internet.

More about GLADNET
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U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

GLADNET is taking a lead in making sure that the implications of the UNCRPD are made clear to those national and international agencies with responsibility for promoting the implementation of the Convention in the areas of employment and training. With the support of the ILO an on-line resource has been developed which provides you access to a wide range of resources.

GLADNET has also established a Thematic Group to monitor progress in the implementation of Articles 27, 28 and 32 worldwide. You can make a contribution to this by clicking on the relevant link below.

GLADNET is also convening a seminar on Job retention and return to work in the context of the UNCRPD on 22nd September 2010 at the International Forum on Disability Management Conference in Los Angeles.

You can view the content of this seminar in the GLADNET Events section on this website

Link to the GLADNET Events Section

GLADNET Resources on the U.N. Convention

GLADNET has been funded by the International Labour Organization to support the implementation of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities with the design of a related Infobase of over 300 publications related to the implementation of 13 articles associated with the employment and training for people with disabilities. Related publications include reports, policies, and research, as well as practical guides, checklists, tools, information sheets, brochures, fact sheets that relate to work and employment, international cooperation and habilitation and rehabilitation.

Link to existing UNCRPD Resources page

Monitoring the implementation of the U.N. Convention in the areas of training and employment of persons with disabilities

GLADNET has a established a Thematic Working Group to monitor global and regional progress on the implementation of the UNCPRD in relation to Article 27- Work and employment; Article 28 - Adequate standard of living and social protection; and Article 32 - International cooperation in the areas of training, work and employment. If you wish to participate in this process you can do so by becoming a member. This will provide you with a unique opportunity to influence the way employment and training are addressed under the Treaty and to get advice and support from colleagues in other countries to assist you in promoting employment in your own country.